I'm Natasya (pronounced Natasha), an Indonesian native and a senior studying Interaction Design at Sheridan College, Canada. I'm passionate in designing products that make sense. I love to solve problems by framing them on a system level in order to create a solution that is usable, scalable, and most importantly, accessible to the users.

I gravitate towards tech because tech has the ability to turn people's lives around on scale bigger than one could imagine. This leads to my passion in financial inclusion and ethics in tech. I advocate to make useful tech products accessible for people from any economic class—my work, our work, can impact livelihood when done correctly. That's what keeps me going through this rough wave of an industry!

Outside school and work, you can find me taking pictures, exploring the best cheap Asian eats in Greater Toronto Area, taking dance classes nearby, or teaching my cousins how to reverse engineer ChatGPT, or making visual design pieces like these!
Hi  friend!
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I'm looking for a product design new grad role in Canada (or NY/SF with H1B). Shoot me an email if you're interested in hiring me!
June 2024
Loblaw Digital
Product Design Intern, Helios
Hackville 2023
Product Design Intern, TurboTax Core
UI Designer
Design Intern, Marketing
Tech Pod
Visual Designer