Intuit Product Design Internship

💻 Summer Internship, May - August 2022

I'm currently working as a Product Design intern at Intuit where me and my team work collectively to improve the experience of using TurboTax Core product line.

Scroll down to read about what I've worked on and what I learned from it!

In this internship so far, I have been involved in:
✅ Creating a smoother in-app experience to advocate for optimal user control and reduce user error
✅ End-to-end design process including competitor analysis, design facilitations, and visual design to solve user and business problems
🚧 And more to come!
This page is under construction and my work is currently under NDA. If you're interested in learning more about my design work and experience at Intuit, please reach out below!
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Intuit Internship

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