Product Design Internship
Reflection Post
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This summer, I worked as a Product Design intern at Intuit where me and my team work collectively to improve the experience of using TurboTax Core product line, focusing mainly on the Canadian mobile product experience. Scroll down to read about what I've worked on and what I learned from it!
In this internship, I was involved in:
Creating a smoother in-app experience to advocate for optimal user control and reduce user error
End-to-end design process including competitor analysis, design facilitations, and wireframing to solve user and business problems
Lots of fun in building professional and personal relationships!
and more!
My internship experience catalyzes both my personal and professional growth due to its challenging nature. While I wished I could spend more time to create and learn with the TurboTax team, my short but sweet internship semester taught me a lot more than I could ever expect. Here are the highlights of my semester at Intuit:
✦ Go crazy! (within constraints) ✦
At a complex organization like Intuit, I had to work within the constraints of the design system. Especially as an intern, I had to adapt to this and constantly reiterate, making sure that I adhere to the product's "design language". I learned how to explore deep and wide while not breaking the existing product experience.
Of course, a lot of my explorations ended up being tossed out right to archive because they stepped outside the business scope. But that's okay! That's how I learned the most about the business cycle of an established company. This also taught me how to be holistic in my design thinking because not only I design for the users, but I also design for the business.
✦ Prototype without permission ✦
This is a value that is practiced highly within Intuit. As a designer, I learn that the best way to communicate my ideas is by visually demonstrating it! Prototyping early also jump starts conversation, showing a proactiveness within the team.
✦ Design critiques are professional, not personal! ✦
While design critiques is an important part of a design process, I have to admit that I used to struggle with accepting critiques. Being used to design as an individual, I tied myself to my designs quite often, resulting in me taking criticism as a personal attack. At Intuit, I worked collaboratively with people from different functions to achieve one common set of goals. This was how I learned that design critiques are not personal, but it is simply for the sake of everyone involved in the project, including the users.
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