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This most recent summer of 2023, I had the opportunity to work at Loblaw Digital. Helios specializes in providing design support for the internal tools. Read along to find out how my internship has been so far!

A few things I worked on:
The end-to-end design process for PC Express' customer service tools (CS Connect)
Gift card purchase management feature design on Shoppers Drug Marts customer service tools (CS Connect)
The end-to-end design process for PC Express' voucher creation experience (Back Office Tools)
0-to-1 design for the future state of Back Office Tools and CS Connect
✦ Be agile, flexible, yet critical! ✦
Given the nature of work at Loblaw Digital, the most crucial trait of Helios team members is the ability to quickly and accurately switch contexts between different lines of business since one designer tends to handle multiple projects at once. But, I believe being agile and flexible comes with the need of being a critical thinker. They come hand-in-hand in order to lead my team and me to a successful final design delivery.

Working collaboratively in a mature design team, I treat the respective Product Manager (PM) as the other half of my brain to help me understand and visualize the product and business requirements in the Product Requirement Document (PRD) provided by the PM. However, it requires critical thinking ability (and confidence, of course) from me as the product designer to challenge the current status quo. For example, I should be able to comfortably question whether a feature should be prioritized higher than the other, whether we should explore a new pattern on doing things, and whether the project's timeline is appropriate given the importance of it to the business.
✦ Collab, collab, collab! ✦
This may sound like a no-brainer, but there is absolutely no way I could do everything I did in the four months I was at Loblaw Digital without the help of my teammates. Hoping into a fast-moving team with barely any context was scary and intimidating, but I was able to comfortably reach out to my manager, my product managers, and my teammates for context whenever I need to courtesy of their kindness and warm welcome!

Collaboration really came in clutch when I felt stuck after being told that my design was not the easiest to implement technical-wise and had to find an alternative for it. By collaborating with my teammates, we were able to bounce ideas off multiple heads, re-dig similar past projects that my teammates did, and more! I was able to design a solution that was simple to implement yet performed effectively.
I had the invaluable opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of collaborative innovation. The experience not only honed my design skills but also highlighted the vital role of teamwork in crafting exceptional software solutions. Throughout the internship, I found myself working closely with a diverse group of professionals, including engineers, product managers, and customer service associates, as we collectively endeavored to design a user-centric software for customer service representatives.
My work at Loblaw Digital is under NDA. Please refer to this link if you have the password from my resume!